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    Weekly Rundown

    the Weekly Rundown: Seed to Stitch + the Solar Eclipse

    July 23, 2017
    Seasons and salt blog


    There’s been lots of talk in Oregon about the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st. A few cities sit in the ‘path of totality,’ where the sun will be completely covered by the moon. If you ask me, it’s sort of spooky that it will get totally dark for a few minutes in the middle of the day. And the temperature is even expected to drop several degrees. We’re debating whether we want to drive south to see the eclipse in its entirety, weighing if it will be worth the predicted traffic nightmare. Do any of you guys have plans for the eclipse?

    Next month marks 20 years since Princess Diana died. I can hardly believe it. I remember crying my eyes out, mourning for her sons, particularly the eldest, whom I was crushing on, just like every other 14-year-old girl at the time. The princes are opening up in a way they usually don’t, sharing memories and personal photos of their mom in an upcoming documentary, set to be released next month. They say this is the only time they’ll publicly share in this capacity about their mom.


    What if you could be more happy? Like this author, I’m so guilty of ‘putting off happiness.’ Sometimes happiness is choice that grows out of the details of our lives.


    I’m thrilled to introduce you all to a new online shop started by a Seasons + Salt reader! Seed to Stitch features a beautifully curated collection from designers and makers committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Some of my favorites from the collection are: the French Shirt Dress, the Cool Nights Jacket, and the Hazelnut Stripe Pants.

    Everlane recently re-stocked their wide leg pants, and it appears they’ll be rolling out four new colors next month. Looking for more opinions on how they fit? Leah over at Stylewise recently reviewed her pair.

    ON S+S:

    There is still time to win a beautiful caftan from Emerson Fry. Also, wish I was eating those cheese fries right now.

    Two years ago at this time I was sporting an outfit that I didn’t really love, and it’s no surprise that those three items have moved on to new homes. Part of the process of learning my style has meant cycling items in and out of my wardrobe over time, hopefully in the slowest and most responsible way possible.

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