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    Thanksgiving Weekend Getaway Packing List:

    December 2, 2016

    Day 1                  |               Day 2              |               Day 3               |              Alternate


    In the age of minimalism and KonMari methods everyone seems to be keen on just how light they can pack when traveling. I am always super impressed when I see posts about people hitting up Europe in a carry on. I stand in awe and envy.

    Unfortunately, I fall dramatically short of these minimalist ways.

    I still have memories of trips I took with my church youth group in high school, where we would move our luggage via bucket line. When my bag got passed everyone would stagger under the weight of it, and some would make cracks about the size of it. Packing light is so hard for me. I think I have major FOMO of the rest of my closet when I’m traveling. Since adopting a capsule wardrobe and eventually a lean closet mindset in the last few years, I have certainly gotten a lot better. But I still struggle.

    Last week, after Thanksgiving, we headed down to Eugene to spend a few days with family, and I was pretty happy with my light-ish packing, so I wanted to share. I decided to pack in outfits rather than pieces because then I knew I would have exactly what I needed. But to help save myself from my FOMO I packed one alternate outfit.

    We’re in full-on winter mode in Oregon right now (snow later this week?!), so warm layers and sensible footwear is a must. I needed shoes that could look good and stand up to the rain, and enough sweaters (read: cashmere) to keep me warm. Seriously, once you go cashmere, it’s really hard to go back! I had never ever bought any until this year, and now, I can’t stop wearing cashmere. It’s so warm and cozy and mega soft. Anyway, let’s get to the list.

    DAY 1

    It’s the day after Thanksgiving and we are gathering with my brother’s family at my parents’ house. I still want to dress nice, coming off the holiday, but relaxed. Collared shirt it is. Plus skinny jeans that are sort of relaxed, and then a cozy cashmere cardigan to keep me warm. (Grana was nice enough to send me a few items to review for you guys, you can probably expect that next week!)

    Details: Shirt, Everlane | Longline Cardigan, c/o Grana | Paige Denim, via Poshmark (simiar) | Booties, Frye

    DAY 2

    This day was slated for hanging out with cousins and later hitting up an (indoor) pool party. Slouchy pants to stay comfy, sweater to stay warm, and chelsea rain boots to keep my feet dry. Whenever I wear ‘dry clean only’ sweaters, I always wear a thin t-shirt underneath. The last thing I want to do is get my clothes cleaned all the time. The next day I let my sweater ‘air out’ before folding it up and putting it away. This method really helps to keep my sweaters fresh and away from the cleaners.

    Details: U-Neck Shirt, Everlane (long time favorite!) | Cashmere Crew, Everlane | 501’s (hems chopped by your’s truly), Levi’s | J.Crew Chelsea Rain Boots via consignment (excellent similar option, thanks Lo!)

    DAY 3

    Why the Johnny Cash look? Because nothing makes me feel better than dressing in almost all black. The raw denim is still kicking my butt, but in a slightly-gentler way. I am about one month in now. They look exactly the same but are a bit softer. I’ll try to share a full update at three months. This black, merino turtleneck I picked up at Goodwill for $4.99 last year. It is one of the warmest items I own. No joke.

    Details: V-Neck Shirt (old as the hills from Old Navy, try this instead) | Merino Turtleneck, Banana Republic via Goodwill (very similar) | Jeans, Imogene + Willie | Booties, Frye


    Like I said, because I am totally afraid I will not be in the mood for what I packed, I alllllllways like to pack extra. This time, I limited myself to one outfit (yay): my favorite oversized flannel, super soft and stretchy black jeans and Cons just because I wanted to feel like a teenager. Just kidding. Not really.

    Details: U-Neck Shirt, Everlane | Oversized Flannel, old Urban Outfitters | Black Jeans, Paige | Converse, via Poshmark (similar)


    And of course, all this “light packing” works beautifully in my Weekender by Sword & Plough (c/o). The leather is breaking in nicely now, and the surplus material is so sturdy, I don’t ever have to worry about this bag letting me down mid-trip.

    What about you? Have you mastered the whole minimalist-packing thing? My theory is that I will finally get it down when I take enough trips and vacations. Ha!




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