Closet Challenge

    Get ready… Winter 10×10 Kickoff!

    January 19, 2018

    It’s 10×10 time my friends! It took me awhile to pick my pieces this round, but I finally whittled them down, and I’m so excited! In case you’re new to Seasons + Salt, I’ll share a quick intro.

    The 10×10 is a closet challenge started by my friend Lee over at Style Bee. The concept: take ten items from your wardrobe (excluding outerwear and accessories) and remix them for ten days into ten different outfits. It’s a wonderful exercise of creativity and contentment. Every single time, I learn something about myself, my personal style or my relationship with clothes and contentment. The best part? It’s fun and everyone can participate! You can share your outfits on Instagram under #winter10x10, and you can leave a link to your blog/social media in the comments down below if you’d like!

    Why I’m doing it.

    My reasons for participating are simple: community + contentment. Sharing outfits and chatting with other people on here, other blogs, and Instagram is the best way to connect with the members of this slow fashion/ethical style community. There are so many smart, bright, intelligent women who challenge and encourage me. I love making these connections!

    Participating in a 10×10 often brings me contentment with my wardrobe. This happens because I learn new ways to style what I have (due to the constraints of the challenge), which makes me love my items even more. Each round I’ve participated in (and this is my 5th!) leaves me with a new takeaway. I’ll share more on that below. I also come away feeling content when I am reacquainted with the rest of my wardrobe at the end of the challenge. It’s amazing that 10 days apart is enough to make you appreciate what you have!

    MY TEN

    1 // Isa Nubuck Bootie, c/o Nisolo. These and are my brown, go-to boots this winter. I like that they are completely flat, and work well in both casual and dressier scenarios.

    2 // Clog Boots, No.6 Store. Are you surprised to see these here? Of course not. I can’t get enough. These babies go with everything.

    3 // White Turtleneck, Splendid. At first I was going to include my white British tee, but I thought the turtleneck would be warmer.

    4 // Cream Henley Sweater, old, old UO (5 years!). This is still a favorite sweater of mine, it provides warmth and texture, it’s like a fitted version of my beloved T Sweater.

    5 // Black Crew Cardigan, Everlane. Perfect to give myself options for warmth, or to wear alone as a top.

    6 // Vintage Levi’s 505’s. High-waisted, frayed hem, excellent shade of blue. I’ll probably wear these a lot.

    7 // Black Jeans, c/o Everlane. Trying to mix it up in the pant department with a different color and shape.

    8 // Striped Top, thrifted (similar). Classic striped top I can’t live without.

    9 // Tencel/Rayon White Button Up, c/o Tradlands. This is a current favorite of mine, but I keep saving it for ‘occasions.’ I’m hoping to change that with this 10×10! (Unfortunately it’s sold out, try this or this instead.)

    10 // Cardiff Work Jacket (OS), c/o Only Child. I am very excited for this piece of my 10×10 puzzle. I’m eager to incorporate this unique shape into my wardrobe. Usually I leave my unique shapes for the pants. This time, I am going for a jacket. Not to mention the color and the pockets. This is a brand new release by Only Child. If you’re in the market, use the code SEASONS10 to save 10%.

    This is the first time I haven’t done a try-on of my outfit combos. In fact, I haven’t even mapped them all out yet. It feels a little risky going into this challenge, but it’s a good chance to be extra real, and hopefully you won’t judge me if I have some outfit flops.

    What my past 10×10’s have taught me…

    FALL ’17 : My biggest takeaway from this 10×10 challenge was appreciating the rest of my closet. I have a new appreciation for boots that might be a season old, and sweaters that might be pilly and harder to style. I’m thankful that I have such beautiful garments to wear and keep me warm!

    WINTER ’17:  My biggest eye-opener was when I started to pay attention to balance as I styled these outfits, particularly the wide pants. I found the outfits worked so much better with a nipped waist and a turtleneck or cowl to balance the volume of the pants. A symmetry of sorts. Previous to this exercise, I hadn’t given a lot of thought about balance in my looks. I hope to carry it forward when styling other items in my closet.

    As always, my preference for oversized proportions jumped out to me. This 10×10 really reinforced how much I do not prefer a perfectly fitted outfit. Movement in my garments makes me feel more feminine and beautiful. I like the swing and flow that comes with oversized pieces.

    I have not been giving enough time to consider accessories in my outfit. Most days I grab for a scarf or a necklace when my family is halfway out the door.  To combat this issue, I plan to choose my accessories at the same time I select my outfit, so it’s a complete look from the get-go, rather than searching for final items when heading out the door.

    SUMMER ’16: I’ve been thinking about why I like simple outfits so much, and I think there are a few things that separate a well-done, simple outfit from an unintentional, simple outfit. It’s all about intention. Intention determines how well a simple outfit comes off. Did you intend to pull together a unique, simple look, or were you absently grabbing the cleanest t-shirt and jeans?

    SPRING ’16:  I know I say this all the time, but it’s so true, less really is more. I feel like I slayed some of my outfits during this challenge. Yet, for some reason, when I look at my whole closet, I would have never seen them. The extra options just stymie me.

    Wow, reading back over my post-challenge reflections is good for me. I highly encourage you to journal your own throughout and after this challenge. You can save them in a little note on your phone for reference later on. Part of the learning process is reflecting and remembering. Trust me, it’s worth the time!

    If you’re on board with the #Winter10x10, please share in the comments below! Be sure to check out these lovely ladies – Lee over at Style Bee, Caroline of Unfancy, and Paige at Style This Life.

    I’ll start wearing my outfits tomorrow, and I’ll do my best to post them in real time over on Instagram Stories. Cheers!

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