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    Fall Preview – What I Love

    August 17, 2017

    I’ve put off saying the F-word for as long as possible. But I think it’s time. Ready or not, fall is coming. We’re about four weeks out from the biggest style ‘season’ of the year and if you’re like me, you’re pretty eager to see what some of your favorite designers and shops are offering.

    This year, instead of doing my usual wish list, I’ve decided to mix it up. After two-plus years of steady blogging, my closet doesn’t have a lot of ‘holes’. Of course though, there are always items turning my head, and I’m considering adding a few. Here is what I’m currently looking at.


    A piece I’m rather excited about – the Lou Jumpsuit in organic cotton denim, sourced from Japan. (Perhaps this is the year-round jumpsuit I’ve been yearning for!) It looks chic as ever, styled here with black. I’d love to see it with a white shirt underneath, and a tan felt hat for a chic monochromatic look. Also, I bet this would layer well over cashmere sweaters!

    The Portland-based design house is releasing their cold-weather collection Tuesday, August 22nd. (Watch for their men’s collection on September 5th!)

    Photo credit, Evan Kinkel 


    After seeing how well some of you (Bev!) rocked your duster vests earlier this summer, I am thinking that might be an excellent piece to add to my wardrobe. The Bolinas Duster, set to be released by Only Child is 90% wool (10% nylon for fabric strength) and would be amazing over every black item in my closet. I’m also crushing on the Miro Skirt (seen below in white), which is made from raw silk (fav!) and comes in grey, black and olive in addition to white.

    Their FW17 collection officially drops on Tuesday, August 29th, but email subscribers get access five days early. Only Child is located in Oakland, CA

    Photo credit, Clara Rice


    This September, the team at NYC-based Vetta is launching the Minimal Capsule, I got to take a sneak peek, and it’s good. And ultra minimal. Like this organic cotton sweater that can be worn 3 ways. 1) As a slouchy, pullover turtleneck. 2) Take the detachable turtleneck off, and you have a slouchy crewneck sweater. 3) Reverse the sweater, use the buttons, and make it a cardigan. A handful of bases covered by one, hard-working piece.


    Based in the midwest, this team knows how to make cold-weather friendly clothes!

    Their chic and structured wrap sweater would be perfect to layer over boxy tops, and it comes in a gorgeous brown color as well! I think I saw a sneak peek of it on their Instagram stories. But I’m head over heels for their cozy cotton sweater jacket (second picture). I mean, just look at the texture on that one! It’s made from 100% cotton, and the fabric is made in the U.S. too.

    Hackwith Design House’s collection launches on Monday, August 21st. You can find them in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Photo credit, 2nd Truth Photography


    Exciting things are happening over at Fashionable! Many of us got acquainted with them because of the beautiful leather totes they sell and now, they’ve ventured into the world of apparel. They launched shoes earlier this year and just this week they launched denim, including this gorgeous, slouchy, jacket! I love the distressing and longer length. I feel like this jacket and I would get along well on chilly mornings in my imaginary life where I go out for coffee instead of schlepping kids off to school. ;) Although it would be pretty cute to wear to drop-off too.


    IMBY is launching their fall collection in mid-September! I love how youthful these overalls look. I have been a long holdout on the overalls trend, because I thought it was going to come and go quickly. Boy, did I misjudge that one! Perhaps overalls might just fill my cold-weather jumpsuit-yearnings. Love what’s going on here, and I can’t wait to see what else IMBY has to offer this fall.


    I tried this hat on in the spring and nearly bought it, but it felt off-season. Obviously, I’m still thinking about it. I love that it is gently structured, but still understated. And the color would be perfect to wear with black, white, blue, essentially everything in my closet. If it passes for light rain duty, you will probably see it on my head before the first drops come this fall. Brookes Boswell is based in SE Portland, where each hat is meticulously crafted.

    Your turn! What are you eyeing for fall? Do you have a special purchase planned?

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