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    Fall Favorites, over at Everlane

    September 26, 2017

    A few weeks ago Everlane debuted their denim line, which seemed widely well-received, even if the bulk of them were skinny jeans. (It seems that many of us are clamoring for an updated silhouette). Have you gotten your jeans yet? I’d love to hear what you think. I have been enjoying my mid blue ‘Modern Boyfriend’ jeans (featured above) and I like them even more now that I switched from a 26 to a 27. They’re fitted but relaxed and the mid blue is a shade that goes nicely with both dark and light tones.

    Looking forward, Everlane has a lot of great things in the works for fall, namely cashmere. From what I’ve heard, they plan to stick close to their $100 price point again. And, from the sneak preview online, I spy that the donegal cashmere is back! This is the fabric that sold out two years ago and hasn’t really been seen since. I am excited to see that they are bringing it back. My donegal cropped sweater is one of my most-worn sweaters! The waffle knit cashmere looks pretty amazing too.

    When I was poking my head around the Everlane offices last month, they showed me some samples of upcoming product. One item that caught my eye was their filled bomber, which also just popped up in the ‘Coming Soon’ section. It looks even better in person! Short, warm jackets are an excellent accompaniment for wide leg pant styles. I usually try to rock my long rain jackets with them, but I’m not sold on the results so far. Perhaps a bomber would be a decent option.

     Relaxed Linen Shirt | Modern BF Jeans (sized down), c/o | Modern Oxfords in Blush, c/o | the Day Market Tote, c/o

    In any case, I wanted to let you guys know I updated my curated picks over on my Everlane page. Let me know if you have questions about any particular items. I’ve been wearing my jeans a lot, yay! They are super comfortable, and I have my modern chelsea boots on standby for when it gets too cold for bare ankles. The Day Market Tote (seen above) has been an unexpected winner for me. They sent it to me as a press sample and I was mildly interested, until I started using it. Then I couldn’t stop. It’s so sturdy and structured, I feel like it could withstand anything. Adding a simple black tote to almost any look makes me feel pretty chic.

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

    This post contains affiliate links. Thank you so much for supporting brands that make Seasons + Salt possible. I only link to companies who place high value on sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.


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