Closet Challenge Outfits

    Summer 10×10 Closet Challenge: Looks 3 + 4

    July 22, 2016

    The thing about these funny little outfit challenges is that they actually work!

    (More on that in a minute.)

    Oregon has finally joined the rest of the country and is enjoying seasonally-appropriate weather. Blue skies for miles, and enough sunshine to give my skin some color. The days are hot enough days to dash off to the pool and then catch lunch in a shady park. There is no school schedule to adhere to, and in general, our household is a little more rested and a little less-stressed. We have been enjoying our Sabbath Sundays (I’ll share an update next month!) and I’ve been trying to build in and protect family fun time.

    One of the longest-standing goals I’ve had for my family since before we had kids is to ‘have fun.’ I have a friend who is farther along in life and motherhood than me, and I’ve always admired the amount of fun their family has together – whether it’s going to movies, or dinners out, or simpler things like playing games at home. They seem to make fun in whatever they do. Their kids are teenagers now, and they are each others’ favorite people to hang out with. That’s amazing to me – a goal to strive for. And I’m realizing it starts now, even though it certainly isn’t easy at this stage (read: crazy toddler).

    Fortunately, having an effortless closet helps. One from which I can grab and go. I get to spend less time thinking about what to wear and more time thinking about how quickly we can get to the pool. 🙂

    LOOK 3:

    Seasons + Salt Everlane Sleeveless DressSeasons + Salt Everlane Sleeveless Dress-3Seasons + Salt Everlane Sleeveless Dress-2Seasons + Salt Everlane Sleeveless Dress-4

    [ hat, old from Target (better option) | tee c/o Bridge & Burn | sleeveless dress, s/o Everlane (similar in black) | sandals, Birkenstock | bucket bag, Baggu ]

    I’ll admit, today is day 7 of my 10×10 Closet Challenge, and I’m a little tired of wearing the same things over and over, but the practice of making new combinations really works. This outfit is the perfect example! For some reason I am slow to see ‘outside the box’ when digging through my closet, and this combo is not something that would have normally crossed my mind, but I love it! It has a bit of a tomboy vibe, and I like how that feels. I would have totally worn a baseball hat with it if I had one I liked.

    LOOK 4:

    Seasons + Salt IMBY Soleil Cardigan-4 Seasons + Salt IMBY Soleil Cardigan-2 Seasons + Salt IMBY Soleil Cardigan

    [ sleeveless dress, s/o Everlane (similar in black)  | cardigan, c/o IMBY | clogs, Moheda | necklace, Loop Jewelry ]

    When my husband saw me wearing this outfit he asked me not to take it off! Ha! I think he liked it. 🙂 I always love hearing his opinion about my clothes. I may be a little stubborn – okay, maybe a lot – but I do take his perspective into account. The more I wear this dress, the more I like it. The fabric is super soft and lightweight and lays really nicely. It’s some of the nicest chambray I own. I have a couple of pieces from J.Crew that are good, but the weave on the Everlane chambray fabric seems finer and of higher quality.

    The clogs are still going strong! I haven’t been wearing them as much as my Birks this 10×10 because, well Birks almost always win since they are so comfortable. BUT, I feel cute every, single time I put these clogs on. Cute feet = cute outfit. 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll be taking my cute feet out for some fun this weekend. Happy Friday friends!!