Closet Challenge Outfits STYLE // Winter

    Winter 10×10 Closet Challenge: Looks 9 + 10

    January 20, 2017

    And just like that, this Winter 10×10 is officially on the books. Well, almost.

    I’ll be sharing my final thoughts on Monday including a brief recap and some time spent on my takeaways. As always, I love being a student of fashion.

    For now, let’s dive into the final two looks.

    LOOK 9:

    [ wide pants | sweater | boots | tote, c/o | necklace, c/o | alpaca scarf (made by mom!) ]

    I really love reading your feedback on some of these looks, especially when you have a critique or different idea. It’s been fun to hear your thoughts when I’ve experimented, what you thought did and didn’t work. I never used to be the girl who took style risks. I played it as safe as possible. (I have a distinct memory of one night in college where I was too chicken to wear cowboy boots under my flare jeans. Because they were different than what I was seeing around at the time.) Being on the other side of that is definitely more fun. I love taking style risks, even if 100% of them don’t pay off.


    >> This look is one of my favorites of my ten. On Wednesday I talked about the challenge of balancing these pants when styling them, and the scarf does the job perfectly! It also serves as a very functional item because it keeps the exposed part of my chest warm. Sometimes it feels a little funny to wear a v-neck in the winter, but other times I want just the opposite – to not feel so covered up. When I bought this sweater, I thought it would work nicely as an item to dress up for a night out or a nice dinner. Add earrings and lipstick, presto, new look.

    >> The gray and taupe tones of the bag and scarf make my heart sing a little bit. I think I’d repeat an even more tonal version of this palette down the road: light denim, light gray sweater, same scarf and bag.

    >> These boots have been working overtime for me the last ten days. They are totally comfortable, and keep my ankles nice and toasty. The more I wear them, the more the leather is getting soft and wrinkly.

    LOOK 10:

    [ dress | cardigan, s/o (similar in navy) | tights (similar in wool, on super sale!) | clogs, c/o | bag | necklace ]


    >> This is probably my least favorite of my ten looks. I think the dark cardigan over the dark dress leaves me feeling a tad on the dark and shapeless side. Sometimes I like dark and oversized, but here, I don’t. I’m going to blame it on the tights. This shade is a tad too light on my legs, and doesn’t really contribute to the shape. I made the mistake of buying mustard-hued tights in the fall, again too light. There is a reason why darker shades dominate when it comes to legs.

    >> For me, this look lacks texture. Perhaps a more exciting necklace could have helped with that. Or a textured cardigan, like my favorite seen here.

    And that’s all she wrote.
    Happy Friday friends! I hope your weekend is off to a great start.