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7 Days of Outfits: Sweater Weather Continues + Serious Buyers’ Remorse

February 13, 2018

This week I lived in heavy sweaters, because the mid-winter temps have been nippy. I also got reacquainted with my skinny jeans, and I’m not mad about it. However I did start the week with a flop and some buyer’s remorse, which never feels good. More on that below.

Here’s a look at what I wore…


Cashmere Cardigan (M/L) Cuyana | Ribbed Top, First Rite, via Garmentory | Jeans, Vintage Levi’s (501) (very similar) | Clog Boots, No.6 (similar) | Petra Backpack, c/o Everlane (currently on sale!) | Half Moon Pendant, c/o Claus | Coin Necklace, Nashelle

I have been working hard since the start of the year to be extremely mindful of new purchases. I took most of the month of January off from buying anything, but then in February I fell off the mindful wagon and impulse-bought this shirt with some Garmentory credits. The neckline is too high, and the color is not good on me. And, unfortunately it’s not returnable. This shirt reminds me tenfold why impulse shopping is rarely a good idea. I have so much to say on this topic, and a few related things, that I am working on a dedicated blog post. If all goes well, I’ll publish tomorrow! For now, I’m debating whether to sell this top or staple it to the front of my closet as a reminder for the future.

Style Notes: Overall, I like the colors and the individual players in this outfit, just not feeling the shirt.

Style Score: 7.5


Alpaca Cardigan, Zady (sold out) | Tee (M), c/o Bridge &  Burn | White, Modern BF Jeans (28), Everlane | High Top Cons, thrifted (LOVE this USA made option) | Petra Backpack, c/o Everlane (currently on sale!)

I am thrilled to finally be the proud owner of white pants. They are such a fresh change from all the dark pants I own. As per the discussion in the comments last week, I’ll embrace the distressed look as they may get scuffed or dirty spots with time. (It’s part of the charm, right?) I decided to take this pair to the tailor to have them taken in at the waist, so they will fit properly. (I first tried these pants in a size 27, and didn’t like the way they fit my legs. They were too skinny-jean ish. Several months later, I bought these in a 28 and I like the fit on the leg, but the waist is rather large.) Hoping this trip to the tailor will make them fit as well as Lee’s do.

A quick note: Everlane is releasing a few new denim styles including a raw hem kick flare later this month, and eventually straight leg jeans. If you’re looking for well-fitting white denim, I suggest waiting to see if one of these styles comes in white.

Style Notes: I am a big fan of the monochromatic look going on here. These pants have brought new life to these dark items. The backpack and kicks make this outfit feel a little bit sporty and fun, two things that helped me feel upbeat on a tired day.

Style Score: 9.5 – I’d love to see this look with a belt!


Leather Jacket (S), Reformation x Veda | V Neck Cardigan (M), Everlane | Clyde Work Pant, Elizabeth Suzann | Day Market Tote, c/o Everlane (currently sold out) | Clog Boots, No.6 (similar)

I enjoyed wearing this outfit, it’s a ‘look pulled together’ but ‘feel ultra comfy’ ensemble. The sweater is super soft. (I washed it in my front loader, which made it even softer, but it shrank a little and it’s ultra pilly now. I don’t recommend that approach!) My pants have an elastic waist, and I am forever rocking my spirit animal shoes.

Style Notes: Does this qualify as monochromatic? I think so. It’s pretty clear to me that I love outfits with simple (but not boring) color palettes, and this look certainly qualifies. I normally full or front-tuck my tops with these pants, but I wanted easy, and just wore the sweater as it naturally fell, and I think it looks great!

Style Score: 9


Claude Cardigan (S/M), L’envers | British Tee, c/o Zappos | Skinny Jeans (28), c/o Everlane | Petra Backpack, c/o Everlane (currently on sale!) | Clog Boots, No.6 (similar)

I’ve had a renewed love for this sweater over the last week in the face of some chilly temps. It’s an elegant, timeless piece that definitely sparks joy when I wear it. It feels a little more ‘one of a kind’ and therefore cherished, compared to some of the other mass-produced sweaters I own.

Side note: I believe The Garment is holding a virtual pop-up with L’envers, starting tomorrow! Check their site to see about a possible discount with this sweater maker!

Style Notes: I love combining tan and black, it always makes me happy. I wanted to add a finishing piece so I opted for this multi-colored clay necklace that I bought in the fall after being inspired by Dacy’s signature necklace.

Style Score: 10


Eden Jumper, self-knit, kit c/o Wool and the Gang | Skinny Jeans (28), c/o Everlane | Clog Boots, No.6 (similar) | Bag, Vintage Dooney & Bourke (same bag, lighter color)

Skinny jeans two days in a row?! Who am I? I hung on to these jeans after reviewing them because I didn’t want to have FOMO about skinny jeans, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been less in love with my other dark wash jeans by Rag &  Bone (they don’t work well for me as a stand alone item), and have been opting for these instead. I love that they are fitted and feminine, but I appreciate that they are still thick denim that has way more structure than a jegging-style jean.

Style Notes: I dusted off this cognac bag, an old favorite of mine, to play into the warm pumpkin-y tones of the sweater and I like how the two shades look together. I would use this purse more, but it barely fits my essentials: wallet, sunglasses, phone, little pouch with lipsticks. I’ve had it so long that I can’t decide whether to keep or purge. This sweater is all-encompassing when I wear it, so I have to be in the mood, and on this day I was, and it felt like a warm hug. It’s a great conversation starter too, people are always commenting on it.

Style Score: 10


Claude Cardigan (S/M), L’envers | Shirt, c/o Power of My People (no longer available) | Jeans, Vintage Levi’s (501) (very similar) | Isa Boot, c/o Nisolo | Bag, Vintage Dooney & Bourke (same bag, lighter color)

The sweater weather continues, and on Saturday I added a thick button-up top for warmth. The funny thing about pre-spring is that I often get the impulse to stop wearing heavy jackets before the weather cooperates, and I’m left chilled to the bone. Even though spring is near(ish), right now I am trying to maintain a winter mentality when getting dressed!

Style Notes: A lighter-toned color palette without my usual drop of black, but I like how it came together. I struggled to keep this shirt tucked in throughout the day and eventually just left it un-tucked. It tucks well into high-waisted pants, but not mid. Because of that I probably wouldn’t repeat this outfit.

Style Score: 8


Cardiff Work Jacket in Camel, OS Regular, c/o Only Child | Waffle Knit Sweater, c/o Everlane, sold out, (very similar) | Black Denim, c/o Everlane | Boots, Loeffler Randall, no longer available (similar option) | Bag, Thrifted Madewell (better option) | Necklace: Pursuits of Happiness

Sunday was so cold, I piled my cocoon coat on top of this just to feel comfortable. The color of this jacket is hard to convey in photos, it seems like it ‘pops’ more on screen than it does in real life. It’s pumpkin-y, but it’s also very chestnut-y in its coloring, I wish you could see it for yourself.

Style Notes: It feels like there is a lot going on in this outfit, but I still like it. For me, the necklace pulls together all the pieces nicely.

Style Score: 9

In Review:

FAVORITES: Tuesday/Thursday

KEY LESSONS: Don’t make impulsive purchases. Odds are they won’t pan out. And if they do, is the habit worth all the other times when they don’t pan out? + Heavy knits will keep you warm on these cold, wintery days.

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  • Reply Mel February 13, 2018 at 7:05 am

    Love Tuesday and Sunday! Impulse purchases are the worst. I try to keep my wishlist on hand, so usually when I impulse buy it’s from that list. I did impulse purchase a pair of red heels that promptly went back once I tried them on. Lesson learned!

    • Reply Andrea February 14, 2018 at 11:14 am

      I have a list too! It’s usually when I stray that things go awry, yikes! Glad you were able to return the heels!

  • Reply Jodie Thomas February 13, 2018 at 8:48 am

    I was going to say how much I love that too on you! It shows off the necklaces so nice! Monday and Thursday are my favorites!

    By March I start to tire of coats and all the layers too! Just a little bit longer!

    Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Reply Andrea February 14, 2018 at 11:15 am

      Thanks Jodie, I’ll give it a few more passes to see if I come around. ;) You’re right, the end is near!! Happy Vday to you and your sweet family! xo

  • Reply Christina February 13, 2018 at 9:34 am

    I actually love that top on you …but then again I love beige/neutrals! I have those Everlane boyfriend jeans in bone and they tend to stretch out a little more than the other washes so I was kind of regretting that I didn’t size down in them….but seeing them as a true boyfriend on you has changed my mind. They look great!!

    • Reply Andrea February 14, 2018 at 11:16 am

      Interesting to know that about the white fabric Christina! Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply Koyuki February 13, 2018 at 9:59 am

    I love your knitted sweater! 💗
    The First Rite top will look great with darker jeans, definitely. Or with short bottoms – shorts or a mini. I have a v blah tan shirt that totally changes w dark bottoms or shorts. Opens it right up. Try with your dark wash or black jeans and maybe a nice olive army shirt on top. The drape on that First Rite rib knit is so heavenly in person vs how it comes out in photos (I know bc I have a cami), I think it’s worth playing with a bit.

    • Reply Andrea February 14, 2018 at 11:17 am

      Good ideas! Will try them out!

  • Reply Paige Marchi February 13, 2018 at 10:10 am

    I love Sunday’s outfit. The mix of warm and cool tones is totally speaking to me! That jacket was an awesome addition to your wardrobe. I have a similar tan-ish colored sweater that I just realized I haven’t worn in months. I just always feel a little drab in it, especially mid-winter when I at my most fair.

    • Reply Andrea February 14, 2018 at 11:18 am

      Yes, the pale skin situation is a struggle. Particularly if I am wearing a v-neck, my chest seems ghost white compared to my face!

  • Reply Koyuki February 13, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Oh, also, I think there’s often an impulsivity to buyer’s regret as well – the regret is sometimes as ill-considered as the purchase. We want to cast something out impulsively to fix the bad feeling of the purchase – just as we might press COMPLETE PURCHASE impulsively just got the satisfaction of buying. Sometimes a piece needs some time to integrate…I’ve often returned to items a few days/weeks/months later and found that they were good choices after all. (This is much more likely to occur with special, high-quality items of course – which your top is.)

    • Reply Andrea February 14, 2018 at 11:17 am

      Gosh, you always blow the lid off what I’m thinking, this is such fantastic perspective! Good food for thought, definitely mulling this over. I will give myself more time/opportunity with this top. Thanks girl!!

  • Reply Katie February 13, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    I think that top has a lot of potential – the colors looks just off your skin tone enouph that it doesn’t read as nude to me in the photos and I think it could really work with your green pants/clog boots/black moto jacket or your levi shorts/clog boots/rust jacket or leather jacket. I think the color does need to be paired with something either more dynamic like blacks (black jeans, jacket) or earthy like your new midi skirt (withe the leather jacket and clog boots, that would be wowza!). I think it just maybe blends too much with the blue jeans and that could be why you aren’t feeling it? The neckline looks really nice, maybe its one of those items you have to play around with before it grows on you. I know I’ve had things like that – my Helmut lang shearling coat and my all saints jacket were things I knew I’d like but when I first got them, I had a serious period of thinking I’d made a mistake – it took a bunch of outfits and trying them on with everything to realize how much I loved them and now they’re my most worn items.

    • Reply Andrea February 14, 2018 at 11:21 am

      Oooo Katie, I think you’re right. My pairings were definitely not helping the top!! LOVE the idea of pairing this with that new skirt, and clog boots and leather jacket! As soon as it’s warm enough to bare my legs, I’ll give this a try! You’re so good at styling! ;)

      Yes, it’s true, I’ve had other items that have taken awhile to integrate into my closet. I shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this one. Thanks for your input!!

  • Reply Divya February 13, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    I like the top on you. I think the nude color gives it great potential. But I know what you mean about impulse purchases. I have a wishlist. After SEVERAL impulse buying mistakes, I now only follow my list. Having a wishlist helps but it is hard not to impulse buy.

    • Reply Tania February 14, 2018 at 9:04 am

      I like the impulse buy top on you as well. That is one thing that stops me from trying sale items on Garmentory, the no return policy. At those prices it is a bit too much of a risk. I’m trying very hard not to buy the camel cardiff jacket and you aren’t helping lol. Love that outfit the best. Btw, I’m not understanding what you mean by monochromatic. A monochromatic outfit usually refers to all pieces are the same color (can be different intensities or shades but the same color). Are you referring to an all neutral outfit.

      • Reply Andrea February 14, 2018 at 11:23 am

        I hear ya Tonia! That almost always makes me shy away from Garmentory sale items. I hate that policy!
        As for monochromatic, I guess that would mean that outfit would have to be all shades of the same color? But not necessarily all black and white. I think that’s what I was asking.

    • Reply Andrea February 14, 2018 at 11:22 am

      Yes, I plan to stick my list in the future, it’s like the evidence of forethought!

  • Reply Eve February 15, 2018 at 7:49 am

    I really would like to try the Everlane skinny jeans. Alas, I require a 31” inseam and the lengths they offer would not work for me. Sigh.

  • Leave a Reply