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7 Days of Outfits: Vegas Baby

November 8, 2017

Two days in a row with the same shirt, and a quick trip to Las Vegas with one carry-on. Here’s what I’ve been wearing!


Leather Jacket (S), Reformation | 2×1 Rip Scoop Neck Top (Made in the USA), c/o Michael Stars (bourbon color sold out, love the olive version) | Denim, Vintage (similar) | James Oxford, Nisolo

Something about Mondays can equal a tough time in the ‘getting dressed’ department. Maybe because it’s Monday, and I am just wanting more weekend. I had an oversized sweater on with these jeans at the start of the day, and I just felt ‘off.’ I ended up switching to this bourbon-colored top I received from Michael Stars and liked my outfit much better. This top is quite nice, it’s a really soft, weighty material, 97% rayon, 3% lycra. I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything in a similar fabric. It has great drape and holds it shape nicely. Bonus: the 3/4 sleeves stay in place when I slip on a jacket, no bunching here.

Style Notes: I think my first (not pictured) outfit failed because it bucked my smooth-working formulas. Generally I do not pair over-sized tops with loose bottoms. Sometimes it works, but more often it is a flop. Swapping the top instantly put me more at ease in my clothes for the day. Pairing these oxfords with the vintage levi’s gives the outfit sort of a 90’s vibe, but I’m not mad about it!

Style Score: 9


2×1 Rip Scoop Neck Top (Made in the USA), c/o Michael Stars (bourbon color sold out, love the olive version) | Cardigan, Zady, no longer available (similar) | Denim, Vintage Levi’s (similar) | Boots, c/o Everlane

Obviously, I like the shirt! Two days in a row is rare for me, but I liked it so much (the fabric and the color) I went for a second day. It was Halloween so I was sort of feeling the vampy lips as well. I really like these suede boots. They are pretty comfortable, right out of the box. They definitely sit at the top of my ‘dressy shoe’ list now. I love the suede and the pointy toe! Full disclaimer: After about half a day of running errands, and kids to and from school, I switched to flat boots.

Style Notes: Mixing formulas a bit here, with the loose jeans + oversized cardigan. This works because the cardigan is slim through the shoulders (no added bulk there) and because of the pointy-toe boot. The boots are essential to executing the look. The ‘delicateness’ of them balances out the volume of the rest of the outfit.

Style Score: 9 – I’d wear this again but probably on a day with less walking around town.


Leather Jacket (S), Reformation | Sweater, Everlane | Clyde Work Pant, Elizabeth Suzann | Cons, thrifted on Poshmark (ethical option) | Bag, (similar)

Today was an exciting day. After a whirlwind of packing and getting kids off to the grandparents’ I hopped on a plane for Las Vegas! I headed to meet Mr. Seasons, who was doing PR work at SEMA, a huge trade show about aftermarket car stuff (I think I got that right). The trade show was pretty fun, I loved watching the cars speed around the drifting track. It was my first time in Las Vegas, and I am still sort of mulling it over. Interesting place. Very synthetic. I’ve heard that the city beyond the strip is pretty cool though. I’d like to explore that (if there’s a) next time.

Style Notes:  Because I was plane-ward bound I opted for comfort and ease. I knew I wanted my leather jacket for the trip, so I wore it to save space in my carry-on. It kept me nice and comfortable as the plane fluctuated in temperature. These shoes were the obvious choice because the other two I packed were heeled boots, and Pons.

Style Score: 7.5 – Functioned well, didn’t love the sweater with the pants.


Merino Cardigan, old J.Crew (similar) | Luzon Tie Top, c/o Only Child (no longer available, love the Alta in black!) | Jeans, Rag & Bone | Pons, Avarcas | Bag, (similar)

Function at its finest here. This is my ‘I need to be comfortable across temperatures and walking patterns.’ The weather was all over the place in Vegas, warm in the sun, cool in the shade (or AC) so I wore layers to give me options. I would have rather worn Birkenstocks for all the walking I did, but wanted a shoe that looked a little more pulled together. These jeans are really, really comfortable, and I love how polished they look. I am very happy with the cut of the leg, they are slim-fitting but not skinny at the ankle.

Style Notes: This outfit looks good, mostly because it’s all form-fitting (which can feel like a style cop-out to me). The color palette doesn’t really do anything for me. I think it would have been better completely monochromatic or with more of a pop of color. But hey, at least I fit all my clothing in one carry-on.

Style Score: 8 


Leather Jacket (S), Reformation | Wide Leg Jumpsuit, c/o Hackwith Design House | Pons, Avarcas

Another breezy but warm day in the desert. I was so happy to don my HDH jumper, it felt great to find a piece of myself in this crazy city that feels like a conglomeration of all things synthetic. This jacket has been my go-to when traveling. I love how a leather jacket makes me feel instantly polished. But it’s so much more than just a pretty face. My jacket is very sturdy/durable and keeps me nice and warm. I like this jacket more every time I wear it!

Style Notes: It’s sort of boho-babe meets leather jacket, and I really like it.

Style Score: 9

Bonus! Friday Night:

ME: Leather Jacket (S), Reformation | Everday Top in cotton gauze, Miranda BennettJeans, Rag & Bone | Cons, thrifted on Poshmark (ethical option) | Cross-Body Clutch, c/o Velé

HIM: Oxford Shirt, Everlane (3+ years old!) | Jeans, Grana | Boots, Nisolo (almost 2 years old, and they still look great!)

While all the peeps in LV were getting fancy for the night, practicality won for me yet again. We were staying at the end of the strip and took the train to and fro, which meant lots of walking was in order. Happy feet = happy Andrea. And it turns out, I was on to something. When I met up with my gal Jaana, we were totally twinning! Also, the Cross-Body Clutch came in super handy for the two nights we went out. It was nice to ditch my bigger, heavier purse and feel light and free when we headed out for the night. (For more on the bag, see my post here.)


Leather Jacket (S), Reformation | Box Cut Tee (S),  Everlane | Clyde Work Pant, Elizabeth Suzann | Cons, thrifted on Poshmark (ethical option)| Bag, (similar, ethical option)

Plane clothes again for the flight home. Sorry for the awkward smile, I was trying to fit these pics in before anyone noticed. #bloggerprobs I really like this color palette, and think this crew tee works well with these pants.

Style Score: 9


Sweater Jacket, c/o Hackwith Design House | Murphy Shell, c/o TradlandsJeans (sized down 1x), Everlane | Clogs, No.6 Store | Bag, (similar) | Scarf, made by Mom

After a handful of days in black I was eager to slip into some of my favorite warm shades (aka, cream). It was shockingly cold back at home, we went from mid-70’s to mid-40’s in about two hours, yikes! Normally I’d opt for covered ankles in those temps, but I needed some feet therapy after all the walking in Las Vegas. These clogs are roomy at my toes and are some of my most comfortable footwear outside of Birkenstocks. Yes, they are expensive, but to me they are worth it because of how good they make my feet feel, and the fact that wood is sealed up, making them easy to wear in most weather conditions.

Style Notes: I’ve got a slim + slim + oversized formula going on here, and it feels way more me than Monday’s outfit last week. I think the key is the clogs, and the boxy fit of the cardigan.

Style Score: 10

In Review:

FAVORITES: Friday + Sunday

KEY LESSONS: Comfort always wins. I need my feet to feel good, and I don’t want to be hot or cold. However, while it’s good to give deference to comfort, sometimes it can lead to overthinking a look.

Have you been to Vegas? What did you think? Great or garish? (Both?)

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  • Molly November 8, 2017 at 8:43 am

    How do you find your R+B jeans fit? I’ve never owned a pair by them. Did you find they stretch out?

    • Andrea November 8, 2017 at 1:09 pm

      Hi Molly! I really love the way they fit. They are very stretchy and soft, and I took my true denim size. The retention on these is very good! I have worn them many, many times, and I don’t even think I’ve washed them once yet. The waist is high too, which is cute, but it’s still stretchy and comfortable.

  • Beth November 8, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    I can’t even pick a favorite outfit I like them all so much!

    • Andrea November 12, 2017 at 8:37 pm

      Thank you Beth, that means a lot! :D

  • Jaana November 12, 2017 at 6:39 am

    Love them all but I’m especially partial to the Vegas twin outfit for obvious reasons. I was waiting for this post since I forgot to ask who made your top!

    • Andrea November 12, 2017 at 8:38 pm

      Heck yeah! So awesome. And the top is in the Noon color, which I haven’t been able to find anywhere! Hoping she brings it back in the spring.

  • Lo November 17, 2017 at 9:58 am

    I think one night in Vegas can be fun, but beyond that, I’m over it. It sucks me dry! Your Tuesday outfit is killer. A cardigan never looked so sexy!