About Me

2016-04-25_0002Photography Credit: Images From Amy

I’m an Oregon girl who loves the city. Portland has my heart and so do the other four people who make up my family.

I’ve always been an artistic person. I drew as a child, painted as a teen, photographed as a young mom and now I create this blog with my photos and my words. It’s one of my favorite places to be and share bits of what makes my heart sing.

Before I was a blogger I was a photographer and before that I worked in the tourism industry, and before that my first professional job was a TV news producer.

Today, I spend my time between blog posts taking care of my family (lots of cooking!) and exploring this beautiful city I am so fortunate to live in. I also drink French press coffee six days a week with my handsome partner in crime. On the seventh day we go out. ;)

I’m so glad you’ve come here to check out Seasons + Salt, it’s a place near and dear to my heart and I hope you’ll come away feeling encouraged and inspired.

Grab a cookie and stay awhile. ;)