Weekly Rundown

the Weekly Rundown: Bedtime Patterns with your S.O. + Conscious Consumer Myths

June 25, 2017

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I don’t think I’ve shared this here, but I’ve often remarked to friends that being a mother is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s also extremely rewarding, in ways nothing can compare to. I left my career to stay home and raise my kids and in recent years I’ve transitioned to a working-at-home-mom. The new position has left me in a place of wrestling between two of my biggest roles: mom and professional. Thanks to my friend Dacy of Mindful Closet, I had a chance to dig a little deeper when she interviewed me for her new series entitled Creative Motherhood.


Do you go to bed at the same time as your spouse? My pattern is the exact opposite of this author’s.


What comes to mind when you think about so-called conscious consumers? Do you think they are elitists? Assume they can change the world? Leah over at Style-Wise debunks five myths about the ethical shopper, including my personal favorite, number four.

If you have your eye on something from Everlane, get your wallets ready on Monday (6/26). They’re offering FREE two-day shipping. It’s a great opportunity considering they’re shipping times are about 7+ days right now.

The team at Cladwell has done some sprucing up on their app that wants to get you dressed. They’ve added more clothing items to their database and now the app allows you to refresh the home screen for a new #ootd suggestion. Try it out for yourself, on them, for 30 days free. Use discount code: CLADWELLFRIENDS. Discount is good through tonight at midnight.


This mid-century Arizona home is the stuff my design dreams are made of. I’m especially in love with the black kitchen countertops and their amazing Craigslist bookshelf find!

But a little more appropriate for my current stage of life: How to Make Your Tiny Living Space Look (And Feel) Huge.


What I was wearing two years ago – I might style the pieces differently today, but I still own and wear almost all of them, even the necklace! But that hair, yikes! Not my best rendition.

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  • Beth June 25, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    I loved reading your interview! It’s always cool to read/hear a bit more about the lives of favorite bloggers. And I LOVE reading Leah’s thoughtful essays. I always learn so much from her posts.

    • Leah June 26, 2017 at 7:04 am

      Thank you, Beth!!