Weekly Rundown

the Weekly Rundown: Everlane’s Denim Line + A Labor Day Sale

September 3, 2017

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You don’t have to be one for keeping up with current events to know the impacts Hurricane Harvey has had on our country. The stunning photos and videos coming out of the south are enough to make your heart overflow with both sadness and wonder, especially at the rescues that have been captured on camera. How can we help? Go on Amazon today and buy some Houston Emergency Relief Undies. (This is not an affiliate link.) Apparently there is a dire need for the item we often forget to donate. A few clicks makes a big difference for someone else.

Do you hang your t-shirts? Fold your sweaters? Protect against moths? This exhaustive guide on how to take care of your clothes, covers practically everything you might own. I was particularly surprised about the caution against hanging t-shirts. I always hang mine, do you? Now I’m re-thinking that scenario! Thanks Allegra for sending this over!

Vogue has a nice little write-up about Everlane’s denim release. I appreciate how considerate the brand is about where and how they chose to produce denim. It takes very large amounts of water to create denim, and the factory Everlane opted for has found a way to recycle 98% of the water used in their production. Everlane denim launches September 7th. Seasons + Salt email subscribers will receive early access a few hours before sales open up. You can sign up with my pop-up, or opt in with the box on the right side.

One of my favorite Portland labels – REIFhaus – has launched a brand new men’s line! We all know how sparse the ethical-fashion scene for men can be; I’m thrilled to see this new collection hit the marketplace. My favorite is the Marcel Jacket, it would work beautifully on a woman too!

IMBY is having a fantastic Labor Day Weekend Sale. I love that many of these items will work well year-round. If I were shopping right now, I’d go for the Mae Joggers.

And, here’s what I was wearing last September on Seasons + Salt (can we believe it’s September already?!). As soon as the temps dip enough, I plan to repeat it verbatim!

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