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the Weekly Rundown: How to Say Goodbye + Wintertime Tips for Your Houseplants

December 30, 2017

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How to say goodbye at a party. I am terrible at knowing how to wrap a conversation, and possibly even worse at goodbyes. This post suggests a dramatic approach. Do you agree?

After my human babies, my plant babies might be my second favorite thing to care for. I’m taking notes on these five tips for keeping plants happy in the winter.


What if we dressed our age instead of always trying to appear ten years younger, or worse, ‘ageless’? What if advanced age, life experience, and wisdom were something to embrace with your style? Once upon a time, this was how American women approached fashion. My, how times have changed.

My friend Ellie re-capped her ten most worn items of 2017, and I must say, I am REALLY impressed. It’s further motivation on my quest to #30wears!


We just finished season two of The Crown. It’s a smart show, driven by dialogue and subtle facial expressions. I wonder if the Queen herself watches it. Next in our queue is Halt and Catch Fire, a drama about computer programming in the 1980’s.


Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day for Everlane’s ‘choose what you pay’ sale. If you’ve had your eye on anything, now is a great time to buy. The sale includes silk tops, the Day Flat in a variety of colors, and shirt dresses. And, my very favorite leather backpack is 30% off the original price.

Online retail shop IMBY is closing it’s doors, and all of their stock is 20% off. Inventory is selling out fast, but there are still some great items left, like this beautiful, burgundy top by Groceries Apparel.

I hope you have a great weekend! Happy New Year’s Eve!

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  • Reply Krystal December 30, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    The link about women dressing their age is timely – I recently attended a birthday dinner for a makeup artist friend, and the topic kept circling back to plastic surgery. It made me so, so sad to hear these beautiful young women discussing price per vial of Botox and how they “need” breast and butt implants and wailing about their “advancing” age (“but I’m *whispers* thirty-eight”). I guess I’ll have to see what the next decade or two holds, but for now I’m not planning to hide my grays or wear low-cut tops/short skirts outside of my twenties. I’m hoping the industry changes to add women and men of all ages to campaigns and advertising.

    • Reply Andrea January 1, 2018 at 10:55 pm

      It’s great to hear your two cents Krystal. I’m 34, and honestly, it’s been harder than I expected to embrace ‘aging.’ I constantly feel, I’m ‘too young’ for wrinkles, saggy-anything, etc. So I understand that urge to want to fight it. But still, there is so much to be said for aging gracefully. I hope to be extra mindful of my choices, and not try to look (or compete) with 25. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Reply Jodie January 1, 2018 at 5:37 am

    Happy new year Andrea!
    That article on age was amazing! I just turned 33, already feel like society is telling me I am getting old, lol. I’d much rather get old than the alternative, all my grandparents lived to their late 80s and early 90s, so I’ve got loads of time!
    My take is that we as women need to end the madness. We need to take back our image in real life, and magazines, TV , movies etc.
    I think this will only come when we individually, and collectively focus more on self love, and inner self care, as opposed to shopping to feel better (guilty!) or thinking if you look younger, thinner, whiter it’s better. Diversity in media is still a huge issue for women (and men, I don’t see black men like my husband or son represented many places, unless it’s selling something we’ve deemed “urban” or on BET commercial.
    One of the easiest ways to combat this is to stop talking about and judging women (and me ) based on their appearance. Less judgment helps almost every situation.
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful article, let’s keep the conversation going.

    The #30wears movement is wonderful and I support wearing your clothes again and again, but I think it’s way too low a number.
    I think too many ethical bloggers are just getting and posting new stuff every day/ week etc just like fast fashion bloggers and that’s now slow fashion.
    It’s one of the main reasons I follow your blog is because you re wear items, talk about this and don’t try to sell me something every time I come to your blog.
    If you’re really going to sell yourself as an ethical blogger than you should be barely buying anything, shopping secondhand, shopping ethically only and expanding that to other areas of your life like home size, where your food is from, beauty products etc.

    Looking forward to all you do in 2018! Xo!

    • Reply Andrea January 1, 2018 at 11:03 pm

      Hi Jodie, as always, I love your fresh perspective! ;) Especially on aging, ha! It is FAR better than the alternative! I think your stance on how to take back our image as women is spot on! It’s a great reminder to me to continue to look and be my ‘real self’ here on the blog.
      You have so much wisdom here in your comment, I think you need a blog, ha!! It’s interesting that you brought up home goods, because I think it’s impossible to not have that part of your life affected when you transition your closet to ‘slow fashion.’ It’s actually kind of amazing! A few weeks ago we needed to replace our large frying pan, and we compared info and specs on a lot of pans, and in the end, paid significantly more for one manufactured in a country with better wages because we felt like that was the right thing to do. Something I never would have thought about just a handful of years ago!

      • Reply Jodie January 2, 2018 at 9:32 am

        Yes! Keep creating a great space for women!
        I love that! You can’t help but have it trickle into other areas. It’s part of the process.
        Glad we are internet friends. :-)

  • Reply Allison January 5, 2018 at 12:25 am

    If I’m at a medium/large party (which is rare these days!) I never say goodbye. It makes leaving SO much easier, and honestly no one thinks it’s rude. They just keep having fun and you see them next time! I remember when I heard of this idea it seemed revolutionary, and now I think it’s the best idea ever.

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