Where to Shop




It’s no secret that our current fast-fashion clothing industry is hurting people and it’s hurting the environment. Do you want to make a difference? The biggest step you can take is to change how and where you shop.

Let me start out by saying, in my opinion one of the best ways to shop ethically is to shop second hand. You are keeping items out of the landfill and giving them a second life, making the resources that went in to producing them stretch even further. I have found countless beautiful, high-quality items for a fraction of what they would have cost in the store. Goodwill is one of my favorite places to shop – no joke!

However, there is a growing movement among mostly smaller retailers and designers to create apparel in an ethical (not harmful to people) and sustainable (less harmful to the environment) manner. Below is a list I have cultivated of companies that are taking part in the movement. Note: this page contains affiliate links and I may make a commission if you click or make a purchase.


Amour Vert – Sustainable fashion made in the USA. Classic with French influences.

Everlane – My personal favorite because I love their modern-chic aesthetic. San Francisco based, manufactured in the US, or in factories in China that are closely monitored. Practices radical transparency in their production chain. Offering clothing for men and women. My referral code.

Reformation – Fashion-forward, edgy pieces. Based out of and manufactured in LA.

Style Saint – Lots of dressier and silk pieces. Manufactured in LA.

Brass Clothing – Perfect, timeless dresses. Started by two women who saw a gap in the industry. I believe they are expanding their collection soon. Manufactured in small, closely monitored factories in China.

Cuyana – High-end, grown up classic pieces including silk, wool, cashmere and pima cotton. Made in San Francisco.

Make it Good – One of my favorites! Be sure to check out their dresses. This chic line is designed and made in Portland, Oregon.

Only Child Clothing – Features modern and timeless pieces. Made by hand in California.

Bridge & Burn – Men and women’s hipster-chic designed in Portland, manufactured in the US and in China, in a small boutique factory.

Elizabeth Suzann – Gorgeous, high-end minimalist pieces that will leave an impression. Made in Nashville.

Kowtow – Beautiful basics and minimalist pieces that are anything but basic, featuring 100% organic, fair-trade cotton. Made at SA8000 accredited factories in India, where workers receive the following benefits : a living wage, social security fund, pension fund, paid holiday leave, sick pay, medical insurance, lunch subsidies, and overtime pay among other amenities.

Marine Layer – I’d describe their look as “California cool,” featuring a wide variety of items for both men and women. Committed to ethical manufacturing.

Raven + Lily – Women’s clothing, jewelry, accessories and home goods produced by women around the world. Raven + Lily’s tagline is: handmade, eco-friendly, fair trade.

thought (formlerly: Braintree) – Men’s and women’s apparel featuring sustainable and organic materials. Committed to ethical manufacturing and partnerships. Featuring lots of soft patterns and prints.

Zady – Chic, modern store for men and women, includes clothes, shoes (sneakers and slippers) and home goods. Their motto is: Fast Fashion is Fast Food and they seek to educate the consumer. Made in the USA.

IMBY – NY based shop selling modern staples, all responsibly produced in the USA.

Belvele – SF based shop selling modern, stylish goods for conscious consumer. A great place for subtle, statement pieces featuring independent designers.

Reifhaus – Portland based designer who creates timeless, simple (but not basic!) pieces. Modern and comfortable. Think: amazing jumpsuit. (See my interview with Lindsey Reif here.)

Emerson Fry – My new, favorite designer obsession. Beautiful silhouettes and fabrics in modern pieces.

Loup – Inspired by Parisian art and fashion and film icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. Hipster meets minimalist style. Made in NYC.

Me & Arrow – Simple, smart, functional. Handmade in LA.

Jamie + the Jones – Beautiful textures and subtle colors and in modern shapes. Handmade crafted fabric featuring unique designs. Made in Nashville.

Garmentory – An excellent aggregate of independent designers and boutiques. Some of the above names are also sold here!

Sotela – Minimal and chic everyday dresses, made in the USA.

Slumlove – Beautiful, simple sweaters. Handmade in Kenya with 100% natural, organic and recycled materials.

Ode to Sunday – Minimalist, linen clothing.

Taylor Stitch – Men’s and women’s clothing designed for life, made to go from office, to hoping on a bike with kids, to drinks out with friends. Made in California.

Tradlands – Menswear inspired staples for women. Made in the USA.

DÔEN – Vintage-inspired/modern bohemian. Started by two LA-based women who desired to see more women at the helm of fashion brands. Committed to supporting women in the workplace at every point in their supply chain.

SiiZU – Elevated, modern basics with an emphasis on high-quality, sustainable fabrics. Great shop for professional wear with an edge.

Matter Prints – Beautiful, heirloom fabrics in modern designs.

People Tree UK – A pioneer of ethical and sustainable fashion, offering modern, stylish apparel.



Nisolo – Another favorite of mine. Classic chukkas and oxfords as well as cute dressy shoes. Stylish and streamlined.

Bryr Clogs – Pretty much the pinnacle of beautiful clogs. Modern designs and fit, handmade in San Francisco. (My winter test drive.)

Everlane – Broad selection of women’s shoes, including ankle boots, loafers, oxfords and more.

Alice + Whittles – Minimalist and modern rain boots. Started by two UN emergency relief workers who are seeking to make change through ethical manufacturing and worker empowerment.

Fortress of Inca – Fashion-forward boots, oxfords and heels. So many great options. Hand made in Peru.

Marais USA – Ultra modern hip(ster) sandals and slides. I want them all. Made in LA.



Marley’s Monsters – A great place for kitchen goods, ‘unpaper towels,’ washable sponges, cloth napkins, and more. Wide selection of reusable mother-baby and beauty supplies.

Parachute – High quality, modern bedding and home goods responsibly made in family-owned factories.

Yala – Responsibly made silk and bamboo sheets and bedding.



ABLE – Beautiful leather totes, wallets and clutches, among other things. This business is truly making a difference in the lives of women in Africa. Their leather products are a great alternative to the bags at Madewell.

Cuyana – Beautiful pebbled leather products. Very classy and sophisticated. I have a tall leather tote and I love it. Made in San Francisco.

Minnie + George – Modern, geometric designs using top quality leather and heirloom-quality hand stitching. Made in Portland. (See my interview with the designer here.)

Loop Jewelry – Formed and forged geometric necklaces and earrings. Minimalist pieces that leave an impact. My personal favorite! Made in Portland. (See S+S interview with the designer here.)

Favor Jewelry – Modern and refined pieces, made with sustainable and responsible production practices from beginning to end. Hand made in Portland. (See S+S interview for more.)

Yellow 108 – Fedora haven, specializing in sustainable hats made from salvaged and recycled materials, most items Made in the USA.

Margaret Hennessey – Timeless, hand-made bags in buttery leather. Sleek designs. Made in Durham, NC.



Pact Clothing – Your sock and undies destination for the whole family. Sweatshop free promise using 100% organic cotton.

Flint and Tinder – Geared at guys and selling good looking Made in America undies.



Wildly Co. – Beautiful, classic and fun pieces for kiddos! Started by two parents who wanted to bring slow-fashion to the kids’ apparel industry and truly make a difference.

Pact Clothing – Featuring select items for baby using 100% organic cotton.

Wakened Kids – Modern tees for little people

TPmocs – Beautiful, traditional and urban-style moccasins made in the USA with a company focus on providing employment opportunities to Native American artisans.